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Home theater forum's dave upton had this to say about the m3a-5400-7:

Home theater forum's dave upton had this to say about the m3a-5400-7:

“The D-Sonic M3a-5400-7 shines in 2 channel mode, but it is blindingly awesome for home theater use. You may or may not recognize what a power-starved speaker sounds like – but I’ll almost guarantee you have heard it at some point in the past. Perhaps it’s when you turn the volume too high and things start to sound jagged and strained, or maybe it’s just the way that higher frequency effects fatigue your ears due to increased distortion. Irrespective of how you approach this hobby, eventually you learn that in the home theater there is almost no such thing as too much power. With the right amplification in place the improvement is multiplicative as these improvements add to one another, increasing the realism and immersion of any well mixed film.

When you combine ludicrous amounts of clean power like the M3-5400-7 delivers with a transducer capable of moving some serious air, the home theater experience is elevated to an entirely new level. Explosions and gun shots are sharper, more visceral and far more realistic. Shattering glass, quiet background noises and atmospheric effects are clearer and more easily differentiated, and perhaps most importantly of all, you can safely turn the volume level way up without risking damage to your speakers (though I won’t make any promises about your ears).”

Glenn wagenknecht of six moons has the following to say about the m3-1500m monoblocks:

Glenn wagenknecht of six moons has the following to say about the m3-1500m monoblocks:

“The contest was far from one-sided. The ICE 250 may throw massive weight into the presentation but the D-Sonic countered with superior transparency, equivalent overall dimensionality and greater dimensionality in the upper midrange. These two powerhouses were different in flavor but depending on your priorities not necessarily better in capabilities. Factor that the M3-1500Ms play those virtues at a considerably lower price and this competition would be a musical clash of titans. “

“The D-Sonic M3-1500M doesn‘t look pretentious but don’t mistake that for lack of ability. Normally a product with high performance and a reasonable price would merit an acknowledgement of high value with the traditional law of diminishing returns applicable against pricier fare. That is true here with a vengeance. In the watt-per-dollar sweep stakes, the M3-1500M is probably king of the hill but more importantly judged strictly on performance, it behaves like a next generation product. Is it perfect? Not but its unique combination of major strengths and minor weaknesses make it a viable alternative as a high-end contender. The fact that it’s relatively inexpensive is merely the pièce de résistance.”

Gene Hopstetter's review of the M3a-600M monoblocks at Secrets of Home Theater and Hi-fi:

Gene Hopstetter's review of the M3a-600M monoblocks at Secrets of Home Theater and Hi-fi:

“For the past twenty years I have built a system around tube amplifiers built in the late 1960s and solid-state amplifiers built in the late 1970s. I am accustomed to the warm punchy sound from the solid-state amps and warm detailed midrange from the tube amplifiers. But the most power any of my amps produce is fifty watts, so what I am not used to is an amplifier having a firm grip on a woofer or producing effortless dynamics. I would like to have much, much more power to drive my speakers, and have much more on tap for dynamics than I have now, but that would require tube amplifiers that command very high prices.”

“The M3a-600M amplifiers delivered all of that and more for me, and their selling price is affordable (and surprising, considering what they deliver). The M3a-600M mono amplifiers delivered fast, detailed, and seemingly limitless sound out of my system without a hint of digital harshness. No ice cube showers, no digititis, and no fatiguing harshness. I listened to them for days on end without ever wanting to change anything about them or getting tired of their sound.”

“And how did my system sound with the D-Sonic amplifiers? As soon as I powered them on, I knew something special was happening. In fact, it took me a few days to begin to understand just how different my system had become with the D-Sonic amplifiers. And after a month, I was still being surprised.”

“My first surprise was just how much more of my Spatial Audio M4 Triode Masters I was hearing. You know how scientists always say we humans only use 20 percent of our brain? The M3a-600M amplifiers made me realize I had only been using 20 percent of my speakers. While I enjoy the warm and lively sound of the fifty watts per channel my McIntosh MC2505 feeds the speakers with, the sheer energy and power they portrayed when powered by the M3a-600M amplifiers was startling. The improvement in bass response in particular was very exciting. Finally, these speakers were getting the power and control they really need to sing. For the first time, I could see much deeper into the shape of the bass notes in the music; attack, decay, fret noise, all came into considerable focus. And with that came increased soundstage, both front-to-back and side-to-side. And that’s just what I noticed in the first hour of listening to these amps.”

“And it wasn’t just the bass. The midrange and upper frequencies of all music I listened to gained a precision and clarity I didn’t know possible with the speakers. Lyrics became easier to understand, especially with music that’s busy or has the vocals low in the mix. Because there was such improvement in the definition of distinct notes as they appeared next to other notes, there was improved clarity and distinction in the overall quality of the music. This was particularly exciting with movies. I also run my TV and movie watching through my main stereo, and the M3a-600M amplifiers made visual entertainment much more enjoyable.”


“The M3a-600M amplifiers deliver incredible sound quality and reliability for the price. They are built to last and Dennis Deacon provides excellent support. And if you have big, power-hungry speakers or subwoofers, the D-Sonic amps are sure to surprise you. Highly recommended.”


  • Amazing sound quality and power for the price
  • Assembled in the US with excellent support and warranty service
  • Very easy to install and implement
  • Run cool but are very powerful

Would Like to See

  • Nothing, really. I can’t see how these can be improved.