The M3a Series offers improved Class D technology. that has gained an impressive following in the audio industry. Many high end brands are embracing Class D. They are compact, lightweight and 88+% efficient, resulting in very low heat dissipation. No fans, no external heat sinks. Transparency and dynamic power combine for a sense of realism that appeals to solid state and tube listeners. Voice and musical instruments sound like they are in your room

All production models are assembled with aerospace quality switches, inputs and outputs. Signal output wiring is silver/teflon to mil spec. Medical grade filters are used to remove RFI/EMI from the AC power and signal circuits. Balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided for units up to 7 channels. 8-11 channel models are XLR balanced only. All channels are true mono sharing only grounding and AC line power.

All D-Sonic amplifiers come with a full 3 year warranty. Transferrable.

All multichannel models (3-11 channels) are short of chassis covers right now so orders cannot be completed until they are available by December 15, 2023. If you order now to get on the waiting list, please be advised that PayPal’s 3.5% transaction charge is not refundable if you cancel this order for any reason. This includes all credit cards since PayPal processes all credit cards for D-Sonic.

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