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Happy New Year!  I just wanted to let you know that I think I am going to hang onto the amp I bought from you a few months ago.  Apologies for not getting back with you sooner.  Because I review a lot of gear, I haven’t been using the amp very much.  I did use it a little over the holidays and it sounds excellent.  I am also planning to pair the amp with some Vivid Kaya 45’s on Saturday.  I am expecting that to be a great sounding set up.  Anyway, Happy New Year.  Let me know if you will be in San Antonio and would like to grab a bite or a drink.  I’d love to meet up.


Jim Clements
Co-Editor in Chief
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity


Hi Dennis,

I received the amp this afternoon.  Holy cow, I was not prepared for this level of improvement.  It certainly passed my first test with flying colors, and that is my wife noticing a major improvement.  We have a winner!  🙂   It sounded great out of the box, and it mellowed out rather quickly within the 20 minutes I listened to it.  It sounded effortless about an hour later when I came back from the bike shop to let it run in a bit more.  I’m thoroughly impressed.  When I decide to go multi channel I’m certainly getting an amp from you.  There’s always room for improvement, but I’m not sure how you improve upon this. Okay back to the music!

Kind regards,



Hi Dennis,

I took delivery of my amps yesterday.  I immediately unpacked and hooked the the amps into my system and have to say that I am extremely happy.  Honestly I’m happier with my purchase than I had imagined.  My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to match what I had with the Krell in my system.  Adding to that concern was what could I expect given what the cost of your amps in comparison to what I paid for the Krell back in the early 90s. Imaging and soundstage seem a little larger, both wider and deeper.  There’s even a sense of more height.  There’s a lot more definition to whatever I’ve listened to up to this point.  High end is very similar to the old Krell but again a bit more detailed without being harsh or dry.  Midrange and bass is where these beat the old amp and by a noticeable margin.  Bass was better from first listen, right from the first notes.  It’s also much tighter and faster while stronger.  I put a few CDs that highlight vocals and the midrange is warmer and more pronounced.  Much more pleasant.

All in all I’m ridiculously happy with my purchase Dennis.  As I mentioned earlier I did not want to take a big hit to the sound of my stereo by not buying another high dollar amp.  Now I am hearing and enjoying a better sounding system in every way.


Louis Frangopoulos


Hi Dennis,

The amplifier arrived yesterday. I didn’t have much time yet to test it – but from first impressions – it’s amazing! I connected so far only 3 LCR Speakers and tested it on some songs + movies. Already compared to my Yamaha A3080 the sound is much more detailed, the bass is much more tight and even my 15-year old JBL Northridge E60 setup sounds now like dogs unleashed with effortless power to very loud levels. I didn’t know it was my amplifier limiting them :). Cannot wait to hear it when my ordered 3x215RT JTRs arrive in couple of weeks.

So I am very impressed and satisfied with D-sonic amp and for sure I will recommend it to more people.

Best Regards

Chris Krol
Co-founder / Managing Director



Amp arrived today. Got my room torn apart so I’m listening in less than ideal circumstances. No preamp. Straight from my mid fi, Bluesound Node 2i. No break in. Asymmetric clutter all over the room. Still… in just the first few tracks…You’re on to something here. It’s a shame I had to search high and low to discover that D-Sonic even existed. You gotta send out review samples to the YouTube crowd. John Darko. New Record Day. Guttenberg. Zero Fidelity. Zreviews. Etc. Magazines are dying. The old guard is… well… old. The big payoff these days is to get recognized by the YouTube crowd. Your stuff is affordable and class D is starting to be recognized as a real contender. The old biases are wearing off. A couple good spots on YouTube and your brand recognition will explode. Sorry if I’m coming off preachy. Anyway, back to my preliminary listening and Friday evening beer. Cheers!

Mike Glavin


Hi, Dennis.  How are things in Sugar Land?  I hope you are well (as is Molly).

It was a pleasure meeting you two weeks ago.  You were very pleasant with whom to do business and I really appreciate the amplifier I purchased.  I’ve only had two opportunities to “test drive” it, but it more than exceeded my expectations.  On some of the music DVDs, I had to turn the volume down (no clipping, just plain loud).  On the one movie I watched, it was the first time in years I was able to understand every word spoken without having to rewind and turn on the closed captioning.  Excellent.

I will continue to enjoy my new investment and will keep you appraised of any new discoveries I should make while “driving” the new toy.

Thanks, again, and continued success to you.

Say hey to Molly.



Hi Dennis,

I’ve been listening to the updated M3a after setting it up last week. I do notice a difference. I recall you described the new circuitry as providing more sonically natural sound in the mid to high frequencies. I notice what I would describe as a more blended or balanced sound, where the frequencies from top to bottom seem to flow smoothly in a more integrated way. Nicely done!



Sir Dennis,

Please pardon my late response. But as before I was scheduled to arrive 1 March which I did. I was able to connect up the M3a into my system on the night of the third and it has been playing flawlessly up to the writing of this email. I am beyond words of how your one device brought together so many little concerns (staging – stage fill-in & depth, finesse POWER and control). But overall sir I can immerse myself more often than not within the presentation and musicality. Thank you for working with me, and your magnificent product.

Kind Regards,
James D. Frazier



Just a quick note to follow up on the recent upgrade of my M3a-6000-5… the amp is running way cooler than it had previously and sounds simply stunning!

The newer input boards appear to be significantly better than the originals which I always thought were pretty good!


Nick Strish


Hello Dennis!

I have close to 300 hours on the amps and about 150 hours on the new Magnepan 3.7i speakers and I am absolutely delighted.  The amps sound spectacular.  I took your advice and simply hooked the RELs up via low level connection off the pre amp.

Pat Ryan


Dennis: By the way, I am a member of a group of audiophiles, and one is an electrical engineer consulting on military projects. I asked him what he thought of Class-D and this is what he wrote:


I looked over the D-Sonic multi-channel Class D amplifiers, beautiful products, excellent specifications, clearly well designed and a high quality build, and with the 3 year warranty they look very nice to me.Class D amps are very nice, and can sound way better than the traditional analog Class A or AB amps.

The D-Sonic amps have really awesome specs, and a damping Factor of > 1,000.  This is totally excellent and all specs show audiophile grade performance.

I see no reason to be concerned here, and the D-Sonic product looks superb.

Go for it, and we’ll plan to stop by and have a listen when everything is all set up.




Hi Dennis,

I got it! So neat. Worth every penny. Every single aspect of using the system improved, because the sound improved. I didn’t realize how underpowered things were until I actually had this.

Sports sound better. Movies sound better. TV sounds better. My wife asked me to turn it down one time. 🙂

Thank you!!!




Dennis, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but I just wanted to convey my thanks as these amps you have created are gems.  So detailed, tight, wonderful attack/decay, soundstaging etc.  Still breaking in along with some new Silnote cables. “Good job” from another happy customer.

Steve Mims


Hi Dennis

I wanted to have some time with the amp before I gave you my opinion on it. I think the M3a upgrade is a great improvement over the previous modelIn my mind this is not subtle. I actually use two different pairs of speakers in this system: Magnepans and Klipsch Heresy 3 both highly modified. With the Klipsch speakers any amp that is even a little harsh or unresolved in the mids and highs will sound fatiguing.

I actually have a tube single ended amp based on el34 tube which I am using with these speakers and your amp sounds better. The improvement is in increased resolution in the harmonics and low level detail which always translates into more round natural sound.

Can you tell me what is different in these amps compared to the previous version I am curious to know since they sound so much better to me.

Thanks and best regards

Milan Giljanovic


Howdy Dennis,

Thanks again for letting me take the Mono Blocks home to San Antonio for an audition.  I have been playing them for a couple of days now and they sound great.  The Kappa 9’s have been singing like song birds while knocking the paintings off the wall (ok, the paintings didn’t actually fall off, but they wanted too from all of the Bass).

I look forward to seeing you on Friday the 24th.  What kind of food do you fellas like?  Let me know so that I can have a restaurant lined up with a reservation if possible.


John Schurman
River City Audio Society (RCAS)



I received the amps. The look and sound as good as new. Actually, they sound better than new. The upgrade makes an audible difference! It’s like getting new amps and speakers. The only problem is that I can now hear issues elsewhere in the signal chain. Thanks much. I will be in touch regarding the multichannel amp upgrade. Have a great day….

George Little



Thanks for inviting me along. That session reinforced in my mind:

If I had an unlimited budget for amp(s), I have no idea what I would buy that could best yours.

That was the finest Maggie sound I have heard. Period. With your amps, those Maggies did things I have never heard Maggies do. Their bass was awesome. I have never heard planar speakers with bass like that. I did not think it possible to get that solid of bass from ANY PLANAR PERIOD. If I had $30k and a larger room laying around, I’d but a pair of your biggest amps and those Maggies (seriously). I’d even consider moving my system out to my living room. I have always loved the Maggie sound except for the bass and overall dynamics. Both of which were exceptional in the demonstration on Fri.

Keith Forrest



I received the monoblocks and they work great. Sound a lot better than my NAD M22 on my Harbeth m40.2 anniversary speakers. Thanks.


Mun Wai.


Hi Dennis,

Wanted to give it some time before writing down my thoughts regarding the recent upgrade of my amp to M3a status.

A couple of things first:  I’m a bit of a “flat-earther” when it comes to amps believing that it would be hard to impossible to distinguish between two high quality, equally powered amps in the same system.  I’ve owned amps from EAD, SimAudio, Wyred4Sound and they were all great performers.  When my M3 D-Sonic amp first arrived a few years back it sounded cleaner and quieter than the others with an impossibly low noise floor.  I attributed this to the M3 being significantly more powerful than the others.  Frankly, it was difficult for me to conceive of the M3-6000 ever being surpassed in my system.

After you introduced the M3a upgrade I was fascinated… my mantra is “better is the enemy of good” so I naturally lunged at the upgrade opportunity! I was a bit stunned and taken back throughout my early listening sessions with upgraded M3a.  At first it sounded much brighter; not in a bad way, just that the sound to which I had become accustomed was very different.

As my listening progressed, I heard something of an inflection point in my long audio journey:  where a single note previously existed, I now heard three distinct instruments producing it.  From that point on, I understood that it wasn’t necessarily brightness I was hearing but significantly improved detail and clarity.  Vocal harmonies and symphonic music has improved dramatically for the better.

This effect was even more obvious with AV playback.  Dialog was perfectly clear and micro details were abundantly, and enjoyably present with a vastly improved sense of dimension and air.

After a couple hundred hours of run in, the amp and my listening have settled in and my enjoyment of music and video has reached a new high water mark.

Thank you very much for a seriously enjoyable amplifier.  I’ll share my thoughts on the AVS forum shortly…


Nick Strish


Dear Dennis,

With first pass listening, they sound really, really good!  In fact they are a ‘wow’!  (You don’t hear that from me, very often). Not sure what you have done with them 🙂 The detail is great. Crisp but not harsh. I am so impressed with the quality of your work!

Thank you for putting up with me.

Best wishes

Harley Lovegrove, Pearl Acoustics Loudspeakers

Hi Dennis,

I have hooked up the amps with a Primare Pre Amp to my Revel F208 speakers fes from a Marantz NA- 11 S1 DAC and a Marantz SA- 14S1 CD player. I am using QED reference power cables and straight line Encore II XLR interconnects.

The response is a notch, maybe 2 notches above any other amp I have ever used in terms of staging, depth of stage, base response and also high frequency tonality.

Sounds great,

Mrinal Vohra



Wow the updated amplifier is major difference between the previous one. I am no audiophile by any means but I heard an immediate difference. This new amp is just a bit warmer and the highs sound less “mechanical”. It is perfect.

You hit home run here and you have one satisfied customer that will be recommending your products any time I see the opportunity.

Thanks again for the awesome service and quality product you delivered.

David Varner


Hello Dennis

Happy New Year and a quick update on the M3-600M mono amps. It is almost 8 months that I have owned these amps and I am very happy with them. I haven’t gone back to the Jadis for some time. Thanks again for a great product.

Regards, Lee-Sai