Features / Options


  • 20A power cords for all 4-11 channel units and hi-power 3 channel. Fits standard 15A wall outlets.
  • Bullet proof protection circuitry, for shorting, over/under current and thermal overheat. Modules reactivate automatically after short circuit elimination or current/thermal stabilization.
  • 20A EMI/RFI AC filters.
  • Graceful, rounded wave form at clipping, prevents speaker driver damage
  • 12VDC trigger circuit on all amplifiers.
  • All multichannel units are designed to permit upgrade in power and/or addition of more channels.
  • Rugged 14 gage steel chassis with durable powder coat finish.
  • Aluminum billet face plate and cover with brushed anodize finish.
  • Black film, stainless steel fastening hardware, countersunk for a sleek, easy-clean profile.
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty, transferrable.


  • Many combination of power levels for 1 – 11 channels. Contact D-Sonic for price.
  • Dual power cords for M3a-5400-7 and M3a-6100-7. Recommended for professional use only. $245.00
  • Rack Mount Kit. Commercial grade. All parts necessary to install amplifier into a standard rack rail system. See Rack Mount Kit under Amplifiers/Multichannel in the Home Page header. $139.00. Includes lo-profile mounting feet for exact 3U height.


A/V receivers with preamp out jacks can send processed audio data to an M3a multichannel amplifier for a dramatic increase in power and quality. Many of the latest multi-channel receivers contain high quality preamps and processor chips.  A hi-value option is to use the 3-channel series for the 3 front speakers where approximately 70% of all power is required. This takes a major load off of the receiver power supply so it can provide higher current levels to the remaining surround channels.